If it’s colorful, mystical, sexy, funky and layered… it’s a Lipstick Hippie tattoo on metal furniture.

Meet Lipstick Hippie, a creative brand of colorful rebellion with a touch of funk and sexiness based in the Netherlands and Spain. The main focus is on hand painted pieces of industrial furniture, tattoo style!

Transforming al kinds of metal furniture pieces into fun one-off-a-kind eye catchers.  A Lipstick Hippie furniture piece will always add funk and color to your living room or business. Do you dare to impress?

I work with Boola Boola who had these awesome chairs made for me in an aluminum patchwork finish without legs. I make the band bracelets myself. Why? This way you can easily and securely adjust the chair into a sitting and lying position! The design of this chair itself is a dream, but once in my studio I turn it into a one-off eye catcher.

    details egg chair
    • Premium leather seat dark brown, black or vintage brown & black mixed.
    • Quality bucket seat with aerodynamic curves.
    • Aviator aluminum patchwork finish with pop rivets.
    • Very detailed one-off painting finished with impact-resistant lacquer.
    • Hand decorated rubber band bracelet with an average of 500 metal rings.





    Just LOVE LOVE LOVE to transform metal items into functional house-jewelry to give your home or business a fun funky touch.

    From metal wash basins to industrial lamps with a vintage history, these are tattooed and transformed into colorful special eye-catchers.

    My stock is constantly changing because there is only one of each item. Would you like to stay informed about my latest items in the works? Subscribe to my newsletter or follow me on Instagram. You can always contact me to make something special for you or your company.


    Wash basin - La chica Mexicana , An unique hand painted wash basin by Lipstick Hippie. Unique hand painted wash basin by Lipstick Hippie.
    Wash basin - Pinky & the Bird, a unique hand painted piece of house funk made by Lipstick Hippie. Diameter of 28 cm or 11,02 inch.

    They are too damn good to be boring! These vintage industrial cabinets are perfect for layered painting. These cabinets are built to last and stand out in any interior with a Lipstick Hippie design. Do you also want a funky industrial in your home or business? Please ask for current stock or let me know your thoughts. I would love to make one for you!

    Are you interested in a funky tattoo on a metal furniture piece just for you? An unique Lipstick Hippie statement piece in a certain color combination, theme or message that is reflected in your company, business or home? I am happy to discuss any type of project with you and work towards a proposal that will fit your wildest colorful dreams.