Egg chair – Funky wise guy


New funky egg chair – Funky Wise Guy:

This egg chair – Funky Wise Guy is made in an Aviation aluminum patchwork finish, but hand painted with a lot of funky details. The rubber band is transformed into a bracelet, so I call it handmade furniture jewelry! The rubber band works fantastic, you can easily and securely adjust the chair into a sitting and lying position. A beautiful multi-functional design to elevate your space in a playful way. The design of this chair itself is a dream, but with this funky design you will have a 100% one-off eye catcher in your home or business. To me the owl has the meaning of wisdom and mystery. This owl watches over the colorful animal kingdom at night. I had a very large owl on my Can Hippie property and it was hit by a car during the night while he was out and about. His sounds have made an impression on me and the nights are quieter now without him. This egg chair is a reminder of him, my beautiful funky wise guy at night.

Details egg chair: 

  • Premium leather seat vintage brown & black mixed.
  • Quality bucket seat with aerodynamic curves.
  • Aviator aluminum patchwork finish with steel screws.
  • Very detailed one-off painting finished with impact-resistant lacquer.
  • Hand decorated rubber band bracelet with an average of 500 metal rings.

Shipping and delivery:

Netherlands and Belgium

  • My studio is based in the Netherlands and Spain therefore I offer free shipping and delivery in the Netherlands and Spain.


  • In Europe I work together with the best logistics partners. I will always provide the best and most competitive offer for you. My partners always deliver to your front door.

Outside Europe

  • Outside Europe I can also deliver, with pricing for shipping depending on which country.
  • I deliver including shipping to your home excluding customs fee outside Europe.

Custom work:

Are you interested in a funky tattoo on a metal furniture piece just for you? An unique Lipstick Hippie statement piece in a certain color combination, theme or message that is reflected in your company, business or home? I am happy to discuss any type of project with you and work towards a proposal that will fit your wildest colorful dreams.

Please call me or send me a Whatsapp message: +31 (0)6 30 10 75 265 or contact me via the contact form on the website. I will get in touch with you soon!
Shop owners:

Do you have an awesome shop in Europe and looking for funky and unique pieces to add to your furniture collection? Let's talk! Because everything is handmade and unique I am always looking for the best fit in a partnership.

Press/ marketing:

You like a Lipstick Hippie item to help create a scene or to support your visual concept as a prop in a shoot or film? Let me know so I can see what is available for a shooting day including transportation possibilities. Please call me or send me a Whatsapp message: +31 (0)6 30 10 75 265 or contact me via the contact form on the website.