Wash basin – La chica Mexicana



Wash basin – La chica Mexicana:

This wash basin – La chica Mexicana is made from a vintage enamel dish which I found at an antique market in the Netherlands. Enamel objects were first found in Egypt and China. And in Germany already in the 18th century. The Egyptians and Chinese used enameling as a decorative art. In the 18th century, the Swiss and Germans began to glaze it. Because they used it for cooking utensils. France is best known for enameling in Europe. The city of Limoges in central France flourished mainly because of its enamel.

Because I like to give a different twist to the original functionality of a subject, I turned this vintage bowl into a wash basin. This wash basin - La chica Mexicana has a diameter of 32 cm or 12,60 inch. This design has earth tones combined with bright orange accents. The subtle Mexican girl is depicted on the bottom, hidden among the Mexican flowers with the typical Lipstick Hippie detailed dots. The artwork is finished with premium boat lacquer so that the wash basin is 100% resistant to water and soap.

  • Vintage European enamel object.
  • Quality and stylish drain plug in mat gold.
  • Very detailed one-off painting finished with impact-resistant boat lacquer.
  • A diameter of 32 cm or 12,60 inch

House funk:

These transformed wash basins are part of the Lipstick Hippie house funk collection. These are European vintage items that have been given a new life, or a different functionality. They are one-off hand painted eye-catchers. With these unique house funk items you can make a colorful statement or give a super nice twist in a restroom, bathroom or kitchen.

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Custom work:

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